Friend: Erin…where have you been!!?!

E: Making friends and drinking wine

Friend: For a whole year? well how was it

E: Delicious

Its been over a year since I’ve posted anything from the Dime Museum, which makes not a lick of sense as I’ve had an exciting year: I collected things. I photographed things. I read things. I went in search of things (some of which i discovered, some of which i did not) I’ve made several new lifelong friends and I said goodbye to important people who embarked on new journeys which took them across our vast country. (don’t worry the instantaneous virtual world keeps our love very alive vis-a-vis email, snail mail, FaceTime et al)

As I sat down to recount my year in books I realized that 75% of the things I read last year were somehow connected to the exquisite world of wine. My year was full of wine tastings and wine dinners (several of which I helped host, food paired to wine accompanied by menus with tasting notes) cigar smoking, beer flights and hours of travel to some of New England’s most important small breweries and taprooms. If you know me personally, you will not be surprised when I reveal that I do not feel tired in my pursuit after one year. In fact, just the opposite, I am energized moving forward. Heady Topper under my belt…Marshall Wharf, Maine Brewing Company, Hill Farmstead – I LOVE YOU ALL. Next in the crosshairs…PAPPY VAN WINKLE, I’m coming for you.

In addition to my monomania, I did manage to make some art. I released the shutter, i put ink on the page, i sent real mail, wrote lists and spoke words with intention. I smiled at strangers and held the door open for the guy behind me. I suspect some of those art-ifacts will be appearing in sporadic posts in the upcoming weeks. Index004


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